5 Tips To Help Protect a Vacant Home

How do you keep a vacant house safe, so criminals aren’t made aware theres an issue? No matter the reason, there are a handful of procedures and safeguards to undertake in order to mitigate the risk of your vacant home being broken into.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your vacant home safe.


Keep All Entryways Secure

Keep all windows and doors locked just as if you were leaving to go to the grocery store. It’s easy to fall into a sense of “nobody wants to break into a house with nothing in it”.  Remember, it’s not cheap to build a home and making it appealing can be fairly expensive, from flooring, countertops, piping and more a house can rooted for sellable items.

Keep Neighbors Informed

Great neighbors are valuable assets to homeowners. Keep your neighbors informed and let them know that outside of your Realtor there shouldn’t be anyone lurking around. This might be a little more difficult if the house is vacant because it’s undergoing major construction, though.

Keep Surveillance & Alarms Running, if Possible

It’s an added cost most times, but that cost is worth it to deter any breaking and entering.
Really, when it comes to leaving your home vacant, it’s all about reducing signs you’re gone while erecting barriers to entry. Thus, the perfect storm – no pun intended – for a home intruder can come when they know the house is vacant AND power is knocked offline for whatever reason. How long an alarm lasts varies by supplier, but you can be sure alarms can’t run off backup power for extended periods of time, leaving more than a window for someone to break in.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

You’ll most likely need additional insurance protection to cover you from vandalism, theft, and more when your home is left vacant and unoccupied.
This aptly named Unoccupied and Vacant Home Insurance or Vacant Home Insurance does just that, as Farmers explains, “offers insurance options and features that can provide coverage for vacant property,” like “If you choose vandalism and malicious mischief coverage, it can help if someone intentionally damages your vacant home.”

Double Down On Exterior Lighting

For most of us, having just enough lighting while occupying a home is generally all that matters. In fact, there are some people who shoot for as little exterior lighting as possible given how intrusive some bulbs and setups can be.
But when you’re away, you should go above and beyond in making sure every dark corner and main area is well lit, and to the point of scaring someone off who you don’t want around.

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